Remote Monitoring Becoming Essential for Many Operations

Remote Monitoring Becoming Essential for Many Operations

This is article was written by Tony Miller, Managing Director of Packlytics.

The world is constantly changing and moving forward, but there are times when transformation seems to happen suddenly, almost out of nowhere. 2020 may be that moment for a monumental shift in our relationship with distance and how we operate at a distance. That includes socializing at a distance, working remotely, communicating virtually, remote learning, grocery shopping from home, and so on. The internet has been taking us down this path for a while now, but this current crisis seems to be an inflection point for supercharging our comfort level regarding all things ‘remote.'

IoT will help businesses succeed in this new era of remote work.

As people get comfortable with the idea and benefits of remote systems, they will begin to demand it for more applications. The industry will need to keep up with that expectation. Fortunately, The Internet of Things (IoT) has been creating massive opportunities for productivity and efficiency advancements through remote solution sets long before the Coronavirus came along. The ability to get performance analytics anytime, anywhere is a game-changer for every industry, and certainly for the packaging industry. However, a big problem will need to be solved first... what to do with all of the machines that aren’t currently suited for IoT technology? New machines now come sensored and ready for IoT, but what about the millions of legacy machines that are ‘dumb.' How do they become smart machines that can truly leverage the benefits of IoT technology?

Packlytics's remote monitoring data is transforming packaging capabilities.

Packlytics saw this opportunity 5 years ago and began developing technology that is now a world-class remote monitoring solution for end of line packaging. By adding sensors and a Smart Box to a stretch wrapper, Packlytics can collect real-time performance data for that machine. That data is sent to the internet and served back to customers in the form of key metrics and analytics that lead to faster, smarter decisions. Those decisions reduce waste, waste that no longer eats up profits, or clogs our landfills. Think of Packlytics this way - it provides the ability to do a cut and weigh on every pallet, for every wrapper, in every plant. Those results are available in real-time and can be accessed from anywhere or at the comfort of our office... which for many, is now at home.

This is just the beginning of what is to come. Technology like Packlytics, that allows you to remotely monitor, measure, and optimize your operations, is the future of the industry. The recent pandemic is pushing that future right to our front doorsteps, so we must react quickly.

If you're in need of remote monitoring for your packaging machines, want to modernize your packaging line, or are interested in reducing waste with profitable sustainability, Packlytics is the tech tool to help you reach your goals. Contact us for more information or visit to see product demos and process details.

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