Matting Programs are a Winning Strategy for Industrial Athletes

Matting Programs are a Winning Strategy for Industrial Athletes

We offer quality anti-fatigue matting and flooring solutions for your workforce. An ergonomic matting and flooring program, combined with the appropriate footwear, is a winning strategy.

Aiding the Industrial Athletes

Industrial workers and athletes have much in common. Athletes choose the gear that makes them more comfortable and perform at a high level. In the same way, your employees are industrial athletes who need the endurance to complete their tasks from workstations and environments designed to help prevent worker fatigue and reduce side effects from repetitive motions.

Fighting Workplace Fatigue

Fatigue is a safety issue, and the effects of fatigue include slower reaction time, more errors, and decreased cognitive ability. Those who work long hours are at the highest risk of suffering from fatigue.

Preventing worker fatigue and creating a safer work environment will help keep your industrial athletes mentally sharp. Physically, the better employees feel during the day and on the way home, the better their work performance will be. Anti-fatigue matting and flooring help prevent wear and fatigue in joints, ankles, knees, and back pain.

Choosing Between Matting and Flooring

The anti-fatigue matting and flooring we offer cover many work environments and are valuable in improving safety and productivity so your workers can perform at their best and remain mentally and physically healthy. When deciding between flooring and matting for your environment, ask the following questions:

  • What is the process of the job?
  • Do your employees stand in one place at a single workstation or assembly line?
  • Do they move, pivot and walk from one place to another to complete their tasks?
  • What is the environment? Is it dry, wet, oily, or greasy?
  • Are debris present? Example: such as metal shavings?

Benefits and Ease of Using Ergonomic/Anti-Fatigue Flooring

Anti-fatigue flooring is an ergonomic solution that offers modular, interlocking tiles to create a floor above a floor. Flooring is ideal for a large area with continuous cart and foot traffic. Great for those workers who move around large areas throughout their shift.

Flooring works well for wet, oily, or greasy environments as it does not have a sponge material underneath as anti-fatigue matting does.

Installing flooring requires no adhesives or fasteners. Instead, flooring uses edging corners and ramps to protect against slips, trips, and falls.

Benefits and Ease of Ergonomic/Anti-Fatigue Matting

Anti-Fatigue Matting is an ergonomic solution that’s designed to cover a single work station. Matting is a well-known anti-fatigue solution for workstations and assembly lines. Mats can easily be dropped in place.

Anti-fatigue matting is an ergonomic solution designed to cover single workstations and assembly lines. Anti-fatigue matting is for workers who stand in one place for long periods at a time. Long rolls of matting are available for quickly covering aisles or staging areas.

According to Wearwell, studies show that matting delivers quantifiable improvements in productivity and lost time.

Installing matting involves simply laying it down or rolling it out like a rug. You can also customize matting to the length, width and shape you need.

Interested in Matting/Flooring Solutions for Your Work Environment?

We have a variety of matting and flooring solutions to help your workforce be more safe and comfortable. Contact us for help finding the best safety products for your workforce.