Engineering Success. Developing the Future of Packaging.

Engineering Success. Developing the Future of Packaging.

Reducing costs and speeding up end of line assembly are goals for most manufacturers. Improving your packaging and your packaging systems takes the expertise of qualified engineers to develop the products that will work best for your project.

Packaging Design Engineering

It’s estimated that most landfills are made up of around a third of packaging material. As consumers and companies become more aware of this issue, there’s a growing demand for packaging that properly protects products while using minimal, eco-friendly materials. An experienced packaging engineer will assist you in finding that packaging sweet spot, ultimately saving you money on materials and decreasing damage rates. Our team is capable and passionate about creating innovative packaging solutions and is ready to take on any packaging challenge our customers bring to us.

Why work with Rocket Industrial on your project?

“Rocket Industrial collectively has the best team of highly skilled and experienced personnel in the industry who work together to achieve a common goal. From top to bottom within Rocket’s organization the employees are focused on exceeding the customers’ expectations.” – Zach Deering, Packaging Engineer

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Packaging Automation Engineering

Is your company rapidly outgrowing your current methods of production? Are you facing a production expansion in the near future? Or are you currently using manual processes or old, outdated equipment? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, it’s time to talk to an automation engineer.

Rocket Industrial Engineer

What makes Rocket Industrial different from other automation integrators?

"Where do I start? I could go for days on this one....Rocket has a vast customer base of well-over 1000 active customers. This, inherently, gives us exposure to arguably every single niche and facet of the packaging industry – food processing (dairy, meat, produce, etc), retail fulfillment, pharmaceutical and health, and so on and so on. When a customer is seeking automation to solve a problem (bottlenecks, labor dependency, throughput, cost of production, efficiency, etc). We have 100’s of years of well-rounded combined packaging equipment experience that we can pull from to usher our customers along the pathway from problem -> Solution Proposal - > Success. In many cases, our customers need help finding the justification to implement automation. They are finding tremendous value in our free industrial engineering insight, consultation, and road mapping capabilities we can offer. All while focusing on providing the Quickest ROI in the biz.

A dynamic that may be seemingly irrelevant, is that Rocket is privately owned. This true American success story gives the ability to provide a truly neutral perspective when solving our customers problems. What are robotics integrators interested in selling?....Robots (What if the application can equally be solved by a gantry Cartesian robot at half the cost? Would the robot integrator every realize this or suggest it? Nope) What are OEM’s interested in selling?.....their own equipment. What are publicly traded OEM/integrators interested in selling?... Their own brand as well as their partners’ brands.

What is Rocket interested in selling? The PERFECT solution that solves ALL the customer needs. Customer’s in any industry, afflicted with any automation need of any complexity, if they’re talking with Rocket, they’re talking with the experts." - Mike DeBroux, Automation and Robotics Engineer

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Have a complex packaging challenge?

Our packaging engineering team uses a full suite of 2D and 3D engineering platforms, which allows us to create custom solutions to fit your unique needs. Our high level of expertise and innovative solutions set us apart from the competition. Our engineers visit your facilities, learn about your industry and products, and discover areas that your packaging could be improved while taking into consideration your challenges and needs. We are dedicated to bringing our best quality work to help you achieve your goals.

Any industry, any production environment, any problem – We will solve it! Contact us about your next project!