30" BestFlex Flexible Powered Roller Conveyor

  • 30" width
  • 24', 36', and 40' length options available
  • 100 lbs/foot load capacity
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This 24" BestFlex flexible powered conveyor utilizes powered rollers for fast, efficient moving of packages. This conveyor can flex around corners, service multiple dock doors, or navigate small areas. The optional read-between-the-rollers photo eyes allow zero-pressure accumulation and can act as an electronic package stop. The heavy-duty rollers provide a durable surface to convey products while the heavy-duty casters with brakes allow the conveyor to roll over uneven surfaces. This BestFlex conveyor is ideal for distribution, retail, and manufacturing industries.


  • 24', 36', and 40' lengths
  • 20" to 36" conveyor height
  • Curve up to 90º and 180º curves
  • Conveniently contract for storage
  • Ergonomic side handles for a safe grabbing point
  • Easy-to-use power switches
  • 100 lbs/foot load capacity
  • Optional accessories include herringbone transition, leg connect brackets, and guide track
Manufacturer Nestaflex
Brand Nestaflex
Manufacturer SKU PRL30026S1-6
Warranty 2 years mechanical, 1 year electrical
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