18" NestaFlex 226 Flexible Gravity Conveyor

  • 18" width
  • 8' to 60' length options available
  • 226 lbs/foot load capacity
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This 18" NestaFlex flexible gravity conveyor is designed to expand, contract, and move easily. The adjustable inner legs vary in height to achieve gravity flow while the axel centers ensure that materials remain securely on the conveyor while maintaining efficient flow. The NestaFlex 226 conveyors come with high-density polymer skate wheels or zinc plated skate wheels. This self-tracking, gravity skate wheel conveyor handles multi-sized cartons and is ideal for retail, packing, assembly line, and other low to medium volume applications.


  • 8' to 60' lengths
  • 20" to 52" conveyor height
  • Curve up to 180º curves
  • Conveniently contract for storage
  • Connection couplers easily connect between multiple conveyor sections
  • Package stop keeps cartons from going into the floor
  • Lock brake casters included
  • 226 lbs/foot load capacity
  • Optional accessories include curve guards, swing stick, and T-junction
Manufacturer Nestaflex
Brand Nestaflex
Manufacturer SKU 22618020
Warranty 2 years
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