Diamond-Plate 9/16” Thick SpongeCote® Nitrile Rubber Anti-Fatigue Matting

  • Overall thickness: 9/16"
  • Industry original diamond plate matting
  • Machined beveled edges prevent tripping
  • Multiple sizes & colors available
  • Enhanced traction from "Diamond-Plate" pattern
  • Fully customizable Diamond-Plate matting
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This 9/16" thick Wearwell Diamond-Plate SpongeCote Anti-Fatigue Matting (#415) is made from nitrile rubber and is the #1 best selling product in its class with a lifetime warranty. This is the industry original diamond plate design. It's designed with a nitrile enhanced Nitricell sponge to absorb shock and is superior to any PVC sponge alternative in bouncing back to its original form.

Known to have the best sponge base, this matting will provide your team a comfortable workplace for ultimate productivity, and safety. Their SpongeCote design makes these mats perfect for high-traffic areas and 24/7 shifts.

Improves safety in your facility! The beveled edges are carefully machined to prevent tripping and the diamond-plate pattern improves traction to eliminate slipping for your hard working team members. You'll find the mat closely hugs floor surfaces.

Unmatched customization! The Nitricell characteristics also make this the only fully customizable Diamond-Plate matting product available. The colors available are: black (BK), black with yellow borders (BYL), black with yellow chevron (CHV) and Gray (GY).

Don't see your size? More sizes are available! Call us today so we can learn about the dimension that will best meet your needs.

More Matting Options

For a double-thick Nitricell sponge base, we recommend the Diamond-Plate 15/16" Thick Ultrasoft Spongecoat anti-fatigue matting.

Looking for more traction? Diamond-Plate with Gritshield anti-fatigue matting improves traction in light oil and greasy conditions.

More anti-fatigue matting and switchboard matting solutions are available in our Matting & Flooring category in our Safety & Health department.

Brand Diamond-Plate
Manufacturer SKU 415
Rocket Part Number (RP#) 142262
Quantity Per Carton 1
Warranty Lifetime Warranty
Matting Thickness 0.56"
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