Transportation Production Support

Painting a VehiclePainting a VehiclePainting a Vehicle

Self-Adhesive Solutions

Rocket Industrial specializes in tapes and adhesives. With a deep network of suppliers we’ve assembled a team of industry experts to recommend the best practical solution to your packaging or manufacturing need.

  • Exterior – Assembling, Part Mounting, VHB, Surface Protection
  • Interior – Cable Mounting, Sound Deadening, Wire Harnessing
  • Body – Labeling, Hole Covering, Gasket Attachment, Trim Attachments
  • Painting – Clean Removal High Temperature Masking Tapes, Masking Papers
Packaging & Performance Engineer - Zach DeeringPackaging & Performance Engineer - Zach DeeringPackaging & Performance Engineer - Zach Deering

Interview with Packaging Engineer Zach Deering

Zach has dropped, crushed, and shook products till they have failed then went to the drawing board to see how he could make that package better. He specializes in 3D rendering and has over 10 plus years’ experience in SolidWorks. He believes that it is not the amount of packaging, it is about putting the right packaging in the right place. Read Blog

Vehicle InteriorVehicle InteriorVehicle Interior

Applications & Implementation

Bagging Parts

A tandem bagging option is ideal for bagging hardware fasteners and spare parts used in the transportation industry.

Bonding / Mounting

High-performance double coated tapes are used in a number of applications such as gasket attachment, component assembly, nameplates, interior and exterior trim attachments and more.

Tape Applications

We offer a wide range of tapes, adhesives, and films used in the manufacturing of trucks, buses, automotive and specialty vehicles.

Painting / Masking

Our clean removal products that are compatible with the latest coatings and cure temperatures.

Protecting / Holding

Masking tapes for the protection of exterior surfaces (UV protection) and flatback tape for interior surfaces.

UV Protection

Our products provide UV exposure protection ranging from 7 days to 30 days offering you a wide variety of choices to fit your application needs.

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