Tapered Manual Pallet Jack Ramp

Tapered ramp is an option for:
  • Basic Stretch Wrap Machine
  • Low Volume Stretch Wrap Machine
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This tapered ramp is an option specifically for our Basic Stretch Wrap Machine and our Low Volume Stretch Wrap Machine from Cousins Stretch Wrapper Equipment. This tapered ramp, as all of our Cousins Options for Stretch Wrappers are, will not work with any other stretch wrappers we have other than Cousins.

This tapered ramp is a must for anyone that is using a pallet jack instead of a forklift to manually load pallets on to Stretch Wrappers. The tapered ramp allows for the manual jack to easily access the raised turntable.

Tapered ramp details:

  • 40" x 60" tapered ramp
  • Option number ORMP-55
  • A must for manual pallet jack loading
Manufacturer Cousins
Brand Cousins
Manufacturer SKU ORMP-55
Rocket Part Number 117603
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