Stretch Wrapping Solutions

If you are wrapping over 15 pallets per day, a stretch wrapper can easily be justified. Stretch wrappers minimize damage, eliminate stretch film waste, reduce labor, and improve productivity.

Find the right pallet wrapper for your facility by using our resources and comparison tools or by contacting our equipment experts.

Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrappers

For lower volume wrapping up to 20 loads per hour. Require an operator to apply film tail, push start, and cut the film. See our full line of semi-automatic stretch wrappers.

Automatic Stretch Wrappers

For high volume packaging operations wrapping 20+ loads per hour. Require no human intervention to function throughout the entire wrapping cycle. - See our full line of automatic stretch wrappers.

Additional resources to help you select a stretch wrapper:

  • Stretch Wrapper Efficiency Calculator - Are you using too much film when you wrap your pallets? Whether you are currently wrapping by hand or machine, use this calculator to discover your optimum stretch levels are.
  • The Stretch Wrapper Advantage - If you're currently hand wrapping loads and wondering if it's time to invest in a stretch wrapper, this visual comparison shows the benefits and typical savings from making the switch.
  • Repair or Replace? Assessing Your Equipment - Should you continue to do repairs on your equipment or is it time to upgrade? Take our brief assessment and review our key factors that go into determining when it's time to upgrade.

“Rocket Industrial has helped us save time by reducing three operations to a single operation, they got us to a point where we use little or no steel banding, and the forklift traffic in our shipping area is reduced since we now weigh on the wrapper. Rocket Industrial is helpful, responsive, and good to work with.” - Ryan L. – All Metal Stamping

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