Eagle T100SM Small Box Case Sealer

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  • Side belt drive
  • Applies 2" wide tape
  • Processes up to 30 cases per minute
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The Eagle T100SM small box case sealer is designed to seal cartons as small as 3-inches tall and 3.75-inches wide. This carton sealer is ideal for medium volume production and comes with infeed and exit tables, top squeezers, and casters.


  • Processes up to 30 cases per minute
  • Max carton weight of 80 lbs
  • Extension in/out-feed roller tables
  • Adjustable table work height
  • Locking roller caster wheels
  • Dual mast with top squeezer
  • All-metal drive wheel

Will it tape your box?

  • Minimum Box Size: 6" L x 3.75" W x 3" H
  • Maximum Box Size: Infinite length x 11.75" W x 18.5" H

For more options and configurations, request a quote or give one of our packaging experts a call at 800.826.4405 to help you find the best machine for your needs.

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Packaged Weight (lbs) 525
Operating Weight 507
Manufacturer Berran
Brand Eagle
Manufacturer SKU T-100SM
Rocket Part Number 148518
Tape Head Width 2" - Standard
Operation Type Semi-Automatic
Sealer Type Uniform
Belt Orientation Sides
Optimal Throughput 30 cases/min
Minimum Box Width 3.75"
Minimum Box Length 6"
Minimum Box Height 3"
Maximum Box Width 11.75"
Maximum Box Length Infinite
Maximum Box Height 18.5"
Power Requirements 110V
Warranty 1 year (parts)
Dimensions 43.25” L x 17.75” W x 51.75” H
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