8" x 4" Biodegradable Air Pillows - 1640' Roll

  • 8" x 4" biodegradable air cushions, 1640' length roll
  • Machine sold separately
  • Sustainable packaging solution
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These biodegradable air pillows are for use with the Rocket Industrial air pillow machine.

Each roll measures 8 inches wide, is 1640 feet long, and blows up into 8" x 4" air pillows for protective packaging. The film is biodegradable and uses a special additive that causes the film to completely biodegrade, as measured by ASTM-D6954-04. In the presence of moisture, micro-organisms, and oxygen, this eco-friendly film is certified to completely biodegrade in 12-24 months, leaving no residue behind.

For larger volume orders, contact us for custom pricing on the machine and eco-friendly air pillow rolls.

Manufacturer Rocket Industrial
Brand Rocket Industrial
Manufacturer SKU USAOMPPH20-100DEG
Rocket Part Number 140472
Roll Length 1640'
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