Robopac Rotoplat 508 DW Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper

  • Wraps up to 30 loads per hour
  • 65" L x 8" W max load size
  • 98" max wrap height
  • 220 lbs max load capacity
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The Robopac 508 DW semi-automatic door and window stretch wrapper properly contain windows, doors, and other finished and semi-finished products. The foot pedal controls the top platen, allowing the operator to hold the door in place while lowering the clamp to secure the product. The Rotoplat 508 DW pallet wrapping machine automatically detects the height of loads by utilizing infrared photocell sensors to provide better readings on light and dark loads.


  • Wraps up to 30 loads per hour
  • Max load size:65" L x 8" W x 98" H
  • Max load weight: 220 lbs
  • Powered pre-stretch (250%)
  • 71" diameter turntable 
  • Adjustable brackets for various wrap sizes
  • Manually adjustable product guide rail
  • Pneumatic pressure stabilizes tall, lightweight, or unstable loads
  • Manual product lock via electric pressure clamping system
  • R-Connect remote machine monitoring and film comparison tracking
  • 7" color touch screen control panel
  • Tubular cold-rolled steel mast for superior rigidity, minimizing torque and flex
  • CE approved, conforming to global electrical and safety standards

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Manufacturer Aetna
Brand Robopac
Manufacturer SKU 508DW
Rocket Part Number 147207
Operation Type Semi-Automatic
Max Load Size 65" x 8"
Weight Capacity 220 lbs
Max Wrap Height 98"
Max Load Per Hour 30
Pre-Stretch Setting Variable 0% - 250%
Drive Motor 1 HP
Machine Speed 5 - 12 RPM
Power Requirements 120V
Dimensions 115” L x 71” W x 124” H
Warranty 5 years
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