RI-200 Strapping Tool 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Shop with confidence with a 30-day money-back guarantee on the RI-200 strapping tool. Rocket Industrial designed the RI-200 to be one of the most durable strapping tools on the market. Begin by talking with a packaging expert to learn if the RI-200 would be ideal for your operation. If you're not satisfied with the performance of the RI-200 within 30 days, return the machine to us and receive your money back.

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“We band about 5-8 pallets a day. The amount of time that we have saved with the RI-200 has paid for itself a few times over. The guys love it. We had to get some maintenance done on it and everyone at Rocket Industrial was awesome. Well worth the money. Great company also!”

Review by Ralph, Posted on 3/11/22

“Been using the RI-200 for a few weeks now. Well-built and easy to use. Bought this as an upgrade to the tension tool our crew was using. I did a lot of comparisons of electric banders by price and features and am very happy with my choice.”

Review by Bill, Posted on 11/1/21

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Find out if the RI-200 is right for your packaging operation.