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Tape Glossary | V-Z

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VINYL: See "Polyvinylchloride/PVC".
VISCOSITY: The resistance of a fluid to flow. A measurement of this property provides useful information with respect to the coatability of a material.
VOID: An area on the mass side of the tape which has no mass on it.
VOLATILITY: Common terminology referring to the residual solvent content in various coated materials or raw materials.
VULCANIZATION: See "Heat Curing".
WALL MIXER: A slow drum mixer usually consisting of a single shaft with one or several paddles. Used primarily to mix small batches or to remix material in drums that have become stiff, separated, or gelled.
WATER VAPOR TRANSMISSION RATE: A test by which the weight of water vapor transmission through a tape is measured in grams per hundred square inches per 24 hours. It is a measure of the moisture barrier properties of a tape.
WATER ABSORPTION: The degree to which a tape will soak up and hold water.
WATER PENETRATION: The measure of a tape's ability to prevent the passage of water through the tape itself.
WEB: A term synonymous with backing or substrate.
WETTING: The ability of an adhesive to flow and come into intimate contact with the surfaces to which it is applied.
WIND-UP: The equipment located at the exit end of the coater which winds the coated tape onto a bundle roll.
WOVEN: A textile fabric formed by interlacing cross yarns (fill) with continuous machine direction yarns (warp). A "Non-woven", on the other hand, is a fabric-like material made from fibers that are laid down randomly in a process similar to paper making, and the fibers are bonded together with a binder and/or heat and pressure.
WRINKLES: Distortions in backing materials represented by creases, folds and other minor ridges or corrugated type defects which interrupt the continuous, smooth nature of the web. Wrinkles may be encountered running in any direction on the web.
YIELD STRENGTH: The force which when applied to tape will cause it to stretch, such that it will not return to its original dimension when the stress is removed.

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