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Tape Glossary | T-U

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TAB: A device for easy starting of a slit roll.
TACK: See "Adhesion".
TACKIFIER: A resin or something material added to an adhesive to impart tack.
TEAR STRENGTH: (TEAR RESISTANCE) The ability of a tape to withstand tearing forces. Edge tear strength, refers to the force required to start a tear at an unnicked or virgin edge of a notched edge. Tear propagation resistance refers to continuation of a tear which has been started by cutting or nicking the edge. Cross tear and a machine direction tear refer to strength measured with a tear line running across the width and lengthwise of the tape respectively.
TEDLAR FILM: See "Polyvinylfluoride".
TELESCOPING: See "Roll Deformation".
TENSILE STRENGTH: The maximum longitudinal tension force that can be withstood by a material of standard dimensions without breaking. For pressure-sensitive tapes or other thin products it is usually expressed as force per unit width (pounds per inch). As a basic property of a material, it is expressed as force per unit cross-sectional area (pounds per square inch).

  • Dry Tensile: The strength of paper tape after it has been conditioned at a specific humidity for a designated period of time.
  • Wet Tensile: The strength of paper tape which measures the ability of tape to function satisfactorily when exposed to moisture.
  • Longitudinal Tensile Strength: Measured parallel to the length of the tape.
  • Cross-Direction (of Transverse) Tensile Strength: Measured at rights angles to the length of the tape.

TENSIOMETER: An instrument for measuring tension of film tape substrates. When used in connection with a feedback controller, it regulates and maintains the tension on coaters and in ovens.
THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY: The measure of the relative ability of tape or other other material to conduct heat. The rate at which heat is transmitted depends on the thermal conductivity, and also the thickness, area and temperature difference.
THERMAL ENDURANCE: The time that a tape will last at an elevated temperature before it deteriorates and becomes unusable.
THERMAL EXPANSION: The increase in dimension which occurs when the temperature of a material is increased.
THERMOPLASTIC: Refers to a material which will soften when heated and harden on cooling, repeatedly. Normal pressure sensitive adhesives are thermoplastic in character. See also "Heat Curing" and "Thermosetting".
THERMOSETTING: A term applied to elastomeric or plastic materials which change chemically at high temperatures to a harder, less plastic or elastic form. Heat curing and thermosetting are interchangeable terms. Heat cured pressure-sensitive adhesives maintain some rubbery characteristics after cure.
THREAD LAY DOWN: The pattern of the threads in a reinforced (filament) tape.
3-D MIXER: A high-speed, high-shear mixer used to put adhesive ingredients into solution.
TOLERANCE: The limits of variability that are allowed around a standard test value. Expressed as ±.
TOLUENE: A strong aromatic hydrocarbon solvent widely used in the adhesive industry.
TRANSFER: Normally refers to mass transfer, but sometimes said of any tape component which moves from its proper place to some other position during either unwind or removal.
TRANSLUCENT: Partially transparent. Translucent tape allows some light to diffuse and pass through its backing.
TRANSPARENT: Capable of transmitting light without diffusion. A tape is rated as transparent if 10-point type can be easily read when tape is applied directly over it.
TUBING: See "Pigtailing."
TWISTING: See "Pigtailing".
ULTRAVIOLET RESISTANCE: The resistance of a tape to degradation by ultraviolet light, such as that found in sunlight.
UNWIND: The act of removing or unwinding tape from a roll. The characteristics of unwind are influenced by the adhesion of the tape of its own backing. See "Backsize".
UNWIND ADHESION: The force required to remove tape a roll.
UPVC: Unplasticized Polyvinylchloride - a rigid film used in packaging applications, and as a transparent tape is stationery uses.

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