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Tape Glossary | N-O

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NATSYN: A synthetic rubber based on polyisoprene, with properties similar to natural rubber. Used in the manufacture of adhesives.
NATURAL RUBBER: Rubber which is derived from the latex of rubber trees. It imparts tack and high temperature properties to pressure sensitive adhesives.
NEOPRENE: A chlorinated synthetic rubber with excellent solvent resistance. See "Chloroprene".
NIP OPENING: The opening between casting and metering rolls. This opening controls the amount of adhesive applied to a substrate.
NOMEX: A synthetic non-woven composed of high-temperature nylon fibers.
NON-WOVENS: Backings produced by the random interlocking of fibers, either natural or synthetic. Paper is an example of a non-woven made from a natural fiber.
NYLON: A polyamide plastic material that is strong and resilient. Nylon yarn has good strength and elongation properties.
OFF-CORE: A condition wherein the tape itself forms a flat-sided roll, but the core projects from one face due to misalignment at the start of winding.
OHM: The unit of measurement of electrical resistance.
OFFSETTING: Occurs when some or all of the ink of a printed tape transfers to the adhesive.
ORGANIC: Refers to chemical substances based on carbon, other than the simple compounds of carbon and oxygen or elemental metals. Usually contains hydrogen as well, and often oxygen, nitrogen sulfur or halogens. Plastics, solvents, rubber and paper are examples of organic compounds. See "Inorganic".
OVEN: The dryer, which is basically a tunnel enclosure, through which the backing is passed to be dried.
OOZING: See "Cold Flow".
OXIDATION: The reaction of oxygen with any substance. Oxidation of pressure-sensitive adhesives causes them first to soften, then to become hard and non-tacky.
OZONE DETERIORATION: The breakdown of a rubber or an adhesive by the action of the minute amounts of ozone in the atmosphere.

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