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Tape Glossary | L-M

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LABEL STOCK: Pressure-sensitive tape, which is suitable for printing and die-cutting, for use as labels. It is frequently furnished in roil form with a release inter-liner.
LAMINATED: A laminated tape is one whose backing is composed of two or more different materials laminated or glued together by an adhesive. For instance, a film with threads laminated to it or a film and a paper laminated. Strapping tape is a common example of a laminated tape.
LAP SPLICE: A splice made by overlapping the ends.
LATEX: A water dispersion of a rubber. Used to saturate paper backing; may also be used as a primer.
LATHE CUTTER: A machine used to cut tape by rotating a large tape roll and slicing individual rolls to the desired width with a rotating or fixed knife.
LIFTING: Refers to that condition in which tape releases or comes away from, on its own accord, the surface to which it has been applied. See "Flagging", see "Edge Curling".
LINER: A web or sheet affixed to the adhesive for protection during handling and storage. It is removed and discharged before application. Most frequently found on double face tapes and label stocks.
LOG ROLL: A roll on which a predetermined length of tape is wound in wide widths instead of in narrow roll sizes.
MANDREL: A part of the slitting machine assembly on which cores are fitted and on which the individual rolls of tape are wound.
MASS: Mass is the adhesive substance which gives a pressure-sensitive tape its adhesive properties. It is the adhesive.

  • Exudation: See "Cold Flow".
  • Pick-Off: See "Back size".
  • Weight: The amount of dry adhesive that is left on the substrate of backing. Amount is controlled on coaters by AccuRay or hand samples weighed on torsion balances. Generally described in terms of ounces per square yard.

MAT: A web of fibers.
MATTE FINISH: A dull, non-reflective, irregular surface of a tape backing.
MEK (METHYL ETHYL KETONE): An oxygenated solvent which will dissolve certain types of vinyl resins and nitrile rubbers.
MELINEX FILM: See "Polyester".
METALLIZED POLYSTER (or OTHER FILM): A polyester film upon which a thin layer of metal has been deposited.
METERING ROLL: Operating part of the reverse roll coating head that serves to create a nip or aperture which then regulates the amount of adhesive to be applied by the casting roll.
METHYLYENE CHLORIDE: A strong cleaning solvent often used in the capacitor industry.
MIGRATION: The slow movement of an ingredient from one part of a tape into another part, or between a tape and the surface to which the tape has been applied. Some plastic films and foams, for example, contain plasticizers which migrate into the adhesive and soften it. See "Plasticizer Migration".
MODULUS: A measurement that defines the stress/strain characteristics of a material; usually expressed as the force in pounds per square inch required to cause a certain elongation. Also used to refer to the slope of the stress-strain curve.
MOISTURE RESISTANCE: The resistance of a tape to the passage or the absorption of moisture, or to the harmful affects of moisture.
MOISTURE VAPOR TRANSMISSION RATE: See "Water Vapor Transmission Rate".
MOLECULAR WEIGHT: A measure of the size of an organic molecule polymer.
MONOMER: The basic building block from which a polymer chain is made. Many monomer molecules are chemically joined together to make up the polymer.
MYLAR FILM: See "Polyester".

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