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Tape Glossary | I-K

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IMPACT RESISTANCE: The resistance of a tape to breaking under a shock load, as in bundling application.
IMPACT STRENGTH: Refers to the strength of a length of tape when a sudden dynamic force is applied to the tape itself. Differs from tensile in that tensile strength is measured at a slower rate with direct force at 180 degrees. Glass fibers or strands have high tensile, low elongation and low Impact Strength. Polyester threads or fibers have higher elongation, but somewhat lower tensile strength and, thus, high Impact Strength as compared to glass.
IMPREGNATION: Refers to the treatment of a backing (especially paper) in which individual fibers are unified and bonded together to improve physical and chemical characteristics of the backing. Impregnates prevent de-lamination, increase moisture and solvent resistance, improve tear and tensile properties. All paper tapes are usually impregnated.
IMPRINTING: Refers to an actual mechanical impression of a tape pattern into the surface of the material to which the tape has been applied. Generally results from the finish being too soft at the time the tape was applied.
INHIBITOR: A substance which slows down chemical reaction. Inhibitors are sometimes used in certain types of adhesives to prolong storage or working life.
INORGANIC: Refers to chemical substances not based on carbon (carbonates, carbon oxides and carbides are exceptions, being considered inorganic). Examples are minerals, water and air. See "Organic".
INSULATION: Any material that inhibits the flow of electrical current.
INSULATION RESISTANCE: The ability of a tape to resist flow of current along its surface under specific conditions.
KAPTON FILM: See "Polyimide Film".
KETONE: An oxygen containing solvent, often found in lacquer finishes.
KNIFE: See "Sitter Knife".
KODACEL FILM: A cellulose acetate transparent film.
KRAFT PAPER: A paper made from sulphate wood pulp.
KRATON: A family of synthetic rubber polymers based on Styrene and Butadiene or Styrene and Isoprene.

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