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Tape Glossary | G-H

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GAPPING: Same as "Roll Opening" listed under "Roll Deformation".
GAUGE: See "Caliper".
GEARING: See "Roll Deformation".
GHOSTING: A haze-like deposit of an adhesive component left by a tape after its removal.
GLOSS: FINISH: A highly reflective or lustrous tape backing.
GOVERNMENT SPECIFICATION: A Government document that spells out the requirements for a particular tape or group of tapes. It will normally detail the physical properties, performance, performance characteristics, general composition, sampling requirements and packing.
GRAVURE COATER: (also known as Print Coater.) This coater applies a specific amount of coating by etched or gravure rolls to a substrate. It is used for Back-sizing, Priming, Saturating solutions.
HAND: The relative suppleness of a textile, film or tape.
HEAT CURING: The application of heat to a tape to bring about a chemical reaction forming cross-links, thereby increasing the cohesive strength of the adhesive and its resistance to high temperature and to attack by solvents.
HEAT RESISTANCE: See "Bake Resistance".
HIGHLIGHTING: A phenomenon where the surface covered by a tape shows a visual contrast with the surrounding area after removal of a tape, even though there is no staining, ghosting, imprinting or mass transfer. Sometimes caused by a change in surface gloss, sometimes by a difference in thickness of the finish under the tape, and sometimes by the protection from fading or yellowing furnished by the tape while it was applied.
HIGH-SPEED UNWIND ADHESION: The force required to unwind a roll of tape at relatively fast speeds, usually over 50 feet per minute (fpm).
HOLD: See "Adhesion".
HOLD TO BOXBOARD: The ability of tape when applied to box board to resist slippage when subjected to a shear stress by means of a specified weight.
HOLD TO CHROME: The ability of tape to resist slippage when applied to a chrome-plated bar and subjected to a shear stress by means of a specified weight. Usually hung at 20 or 0 degrees angle with a 400 gram weight.
HOLDING POWER: The ability of a tape to resist slippage under shear stress. Holding power is measured by applying a standard area of tape to a vertical test panel and suspending a standard weight on the free end of the tape, i.e., holds to chrome, holds to box board, etc.
HOMOGENIZER: A machine used to disperse or dissolve materials under high speed and high shear.
HYDROCARBON: A molecule consisting only of carbon and hydrogen. Many hydrocarbons are used as solvents, and originate from petroleum.
HYDROLYSIS: A chemical reaction with water, resulting in decomposition.
HYGROSCOPIC: Capable of readily absorbing and retaining moisture.

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