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Tape Glossary | D

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DEAD STRETCH: Stretching and not recovering or striking back to former length. This is particularly important in crepe paper masking tapes, where it is not desirable to have the tape spring back or recover after stretching around a curve. The ability to stretch around a curve is achieved by creping the backing or by a specific impregnation.
DEFECT: A condition which fails to meet a tape's design requirements.
DELAMINATION: The tearing apart or splitting of a tape within the backing layer, in laminated tapes, the separation of the layers upon unwinding. In the case of paper tapes the de-lamination occurs within the paper, while in laminated tapes the de-lamination occurs at the laminated surface between the two layers.
DENSITY: The amount of material in a unit volume.
DICER: A type of machine used to cut rubber compounds into fine particle size prior to making them into an adhesive.
DIELECTRIC STRENGTH: The voltage expressed in volts or in volts per mil that a tape will withstand without breaking down and passing current through it.
DIP IMPREGNATION: The process of saturating a web (usually paper) by immersing it in a latex or solution to unify and bond the fibers together.
DIRECT COATING: Application of a solution directly to the web to be coated by the engraved roll of a print roll coating unit.
DISPERSION: Fine particles distributed in a matrix of some other substance. An example: the dispersion of a color pigment in an oil, clay, etc.
DOCTOR BAR OR BLADE: A scraper mechanism that regulates the amount of adhesive on the spreader rolls of a coater.
DOCTOR ROLL: Roller mechanism used to regulate the adhesive applied to the spreader roll of Reverse Roll coater - it revolves at a different surface speed, or in an opposite direction, that results in a wiping action.
DOUBLE-FACE TAPE: An adhesive tape coated on both sides of its backing (which served as a carrier for the adhesive) and interlined with a released liner.

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