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Case Sealer Buyer's Guide

Case Sealer Buyer's Guide

RocketIndustrial.com's Buyer's Guide For Case Sealers and Box Tapers
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A Cost Effective Solution to Automation:
Many manufacturing plants and warehouses have individuals who form, tape, pack, and close a box. Sometimes this is not the most efficient or cost-effective way of doing things. Take a look below and find out what you need to consider when thinking about buying Case Sealers.

1. Are all of your boxes the same dimension?

If you are going to produce large amounts of the same size box then Uniform Case Sealers would be appropriate for you, however if you want to seal different size boxes as they come then you need a random case sealer.

2. Operator or Operator free?

All of our Random Case Sealers require a person to fold the top flaps and continually feed boxes into the machine but, if you want something easier, the Automatic Box Folders & Sealers can fold and seal boxes without the aid of an operator. For both of these machines adjustments have to be made to the size of the boxes manually. This is why we also have the random box sealing machine which will adjust to the size of the box on its own. It all depends on your preference.

3. What is your box dimension?

Box dimension is critical in determining what method of belt drive your case sealer should have. If your box is taller than wider, of if it is under filled, a side belt drive case sealer is the best option to provide smooth transport of your box though the sealer.

4. What is your available floor space?

A good thing to look at when buying a case sealer is the size of the machines footprint. Depending on how much space you have you might need a machine with a smaller footprint to accommodate to your floor space.

RocketIndustrial.com has been helping consumers and purchasers alike with effective case sealing solutions. Our Case Sealers are sold all across the world and provide our customers with the excellence and dependability they need to keep their operation running smoothly.

Uniform Case Sealers

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