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Being one of the largest independent packaging distributors in the nation, we receive quite a few questions regarding packaging processes and solutions. Below you will find some of the more common issues and questions we receive. If you have a question that is not listed here, don't hesitate to Contact Us and let one of our experienced packaging professionals go to work for you finding the answers. If you want to keep up to date when we publish new packaging resources and insights, sign up for our bi-weekly emails.

Hand Taping a BoxHand Taping a BoxHand Taping a Box

Case Sealer Savings Calculator

Are you still taping boxes by hand? With a price starting around $2,600, a case sealer provides excellent entry-level automation for your packaging. Use our calculator to see how much you could save by investing in a case sealer and letting your employees work on other tasks.

Stretch Film RollStretch Film RollStretch Film Roll

Blown vs Cast Stretch Film

What are the Differences Between Cast Stretch Wrap and Blown Stretch Wrap? The primary difference between these two types of Stretch Wrap Film is the process in which they are created and manufactured. These differences also make a big impact on the usability and price of the film...

Person holding a boxPerson holding a boxPerson holding a box

Corrugated Boxes 101

A Corrugated box is made from two or more sheets of liner board and one or more fluted sheets of corrugating medium. In the United States, almost all of the liner board used to make boxes is kraft - a type of paperboard made predominately from virgin softwood fibers. A great majority of the...

Eagle Case SealerEagle Case SealerEagle Case Sealer

Case Sealer Buyer's Guide

Many manufacturing plants and warehouses have individuals who form, tape, pack, and close a box. Sometimes this is not the most efficient or cost-effective way of doing things. Take a look below and find out what you need to consider when thinking about buying Case Sealers...

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Employees pushing a pallet jack of boxes through warehouseEmployees pushing a pallet jack of boxes through warehouseEmployees pushing a pallet jack of boxes through warehouse

Stretch Film Efficiency Calculator

Are you using too much film when you wrap your pallets? Stretch film is one of the largest components of waste in a warehouse or distribution center. And it’s expensive stuff. The best way to make sure you don’t waste film is to properly prestrech it. But how do you know you’re doing it right?

Hot Melt Glue Gun & SticksHot Melt Glue Gun & SticksHot Melt Glue Gun & Sticks

Overview of Hot Melt Glue

Hot melt adhesives are made from 100% thermoplastics which offers a quick, clean and economical way to bond a variety of materials. When heated at various temperatures they become liquid and can be sprayed, roll coated or applied as a bead form. Hot melt adhesives are manufactured in glue sticks , slats, beads...

Wooden PalletWooden PalletWooden Pallet

Pallet Diagonal Calculator

Each stretch wrapper has a different sized turntable. It is important to make sure the pallets you intend to wrap fit on the turntable and have enough clearance room to rotate effectively. The load diagonal is a critical measurement of a pallet load across the diagonally opposite corners. 

Tape HeadTape HeadTape Head

Tape Head Maintenance

Case sealers are workhorses in the packaging industry, because of this, the tape head components need to be maintained properly for optimal performance. We are a Loveshaw Certified Service Provider and have compiled a list of eight common maintenance items on Loveshaw tape heads...

Duct TapeDuct TapeDuct Tape

Tape Troubleshooting Guide

Here is a guide to help you troubleshoot issues when dealing with tape that is not sticking or is breaking.

Shrink FilmShrink FilmShrink Film

Shrink Film Sizing Guide

Determining the correct shrink film width for sealing your product or package is important for a few reasons. If you are using excess shrink film to seal, it can cost you a large amount over the long run. Using additional film will take longer to actually shrink seal which will increase labor costs.


Tape Recommendation Guide

Our Tape Recommendation Guide will help you choose the right tape based on your application and box dimensions and weight.

Box on Case SealerBox on Case SealerBox on Case Sealer

Case Sealer Selector

Case Sealers (also known as box and case tapers) are a great way to increase your overall efficiency and package output. Use our case sealer selector tool below to get a better idea of just what type of machine will work for you.

Tape HeadTape HeadTape Head

Tape Cartridge Selector

Finding the right tape cartridge (commonly refered to as a tape head) that hold the large rolls of tape for your case sealer can be a daunting task, expecially with all the different brands, manufacturers, and distributors available. That is why we have created a great selection tool to make...

Box with BandingBox with BandingBox with Banding

Mailroom Bundling Specifications

We have received this information directly from the USPS office of Bulk Mailing. had the chance to go down and tour a local plant and look at their equipment to see the operation. After reading this short summary, if you have any questions that this does not answer, please feel free to Contact Us .


A-Z Tape Glossary

ABRASION RESISTANCE: The ability of a tape to withstand rubbing and/or scuffing and still function satisfactorily. ACLAR FILM: A chlorofluorocarbon film used in applications requiring clarity and very low moisture vapor transmission rate. (Registered Trademark of Allied Chemical Corp.) ACETATE FILM: A transparent film produced by chemically treating...

Film & TapeFilm & TapeFilm & Tape

Product Cross Reference Guides

When shopping around, it can be confusing finding an equivalent product from a different manufacturer because of all the differ net numbers and ID's floating around. We have simplified that process with the following sheets so you can find the same product you are using, only through a different manufacturer.

Microjet PrinterMicrojet PrinterMicrojet Printer

Loveshaw Microjet Repair Tips

Packaging Tape, Inc is an authorized Loveshaw Equipment, Parts, Repair facility for Loveshaw Microjet Date Coders, as a low cost alternative to the flat rate factory repair cost. Our factory trained service technicians will evaluate the operating condition of your printer, replace harden ink lines, flush and condition the valves, test and adjust for optimum print quality, for less than the factory flat rate price.

Friction Weld Seal Control

The seal must be completely welded over the whole width of the strap. Minor quantities of fused plastic may overflow on the sides.

Person pushing a pallet truck with boxesPerson pushing a pallet truck with boxesPerson pushing a pallet truck with boxes

Plastic Wrapping Equipment Guide

In the packaging world, stretch and shrink wrap are commonly used for protecting products for shipment. The two are often confused, as they are both types of plastic film, but the two materials are very different. Here’s a breakdown of the differences between the films and what applications they are used in.


Packaging Conversion Charts

At Rocket Industrial we want to make conversions as easy as possible for you. We have combined all of these tricky conversion and formula charts for you, so you can access them all in one handy place. We want you to be sure that you are getting the exact measurements you need.

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