Polyair X-Fill Pro Paper Void Fill Machine

  • 415 ft/min paper output
  • For 30" wide paper 
  • 4 programming modes
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This Polyair X-Fill Pro paper void-fill machine is designed for high-volume, industrial void-fill applications. For use with 30" wide easy-to-load paper bundles, this paper dispenser outputs kraft paper void fill at a top speed of 415 feet per minute. This machine creates paper void fill by crinkling the paper and forming it to the size you need. Additionally, the heights and angles of this machine can be adjusted for the most challenging packaging environments.

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  • Paper output of 415 feet per minute
  • Anti-jamming paper output 
  • Auto-repeat & length selection modes
  • Footswitch and auto-cut provide hands-free operation
  • 4 programming modes enable variable option use

Programming Modes

  1. Free Mode: Random paper length as the user desires
  2. Memory Mode: Product repeatable length of paper packaging material
  3. Preset Mode: Set a programmed length of paper packaging material
  4. Auto Repeat Mode: Preset length cut & held; after removal, identical pad made
Operating Weight 207
Manufacturer Polyair
Brand Polyair
Rocket Part Number 143329
Electrical Draw 15 Amp
Electrical Usage 110 V to 120 V; 50/60 Hz; Single Phase
Dimensions 37” L x 37” W x 71” H to 87” H (adjustable height)
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