Packlytics Stretch Wrap Monitoring System

  • Retrofits to any stretch wrapper
  • Reduces stretch film usage
  • Custom data reporting via email, SMS and app alerts
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The Packlytics stretch wrap monitoring system retrofits onto any existing stretch wrap equipment to help manufacturers see stretch film usage data in order to become more sustainable and Package With Less. All available information is captured in real-time and instantly made visible.

Packlytics is an affordable solution to track and optimize stretch film usage, creating a smart manufacturing environment. It gives true cost savings through proactive alerting and custom data reporting via email, SMS, and app alerts. Uncover valuable insights and make the right changes to your stretch wrapping operations. The system is offered on a subscription-based pricing model.

Packlytics offers the following:

  • Reduce stretch film usage by 35%
  • Measures throughput, production error rates, and usage
  • Prevents downtime and supply shortages
  • Makes predictions on maintenance and production supply
  • Sends reports by phone and email - Also viewable through a web dashboard

To find out how the Packlytics system can be integrated into your current process, request more information or give one of our packaging experts a call at 800.826.4405.

Manufacturer Rocket Industrial
Brand Rocket Industrial
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