Forklift in Aisle of WarehouseForklift in Aisle of WarehouseForklift in Aisle of Warehouse

Packaging Testing

Packaging testing is required to make sure your packaging materials are effective and reliable throughout your product’s entire journey from creation to end-user. Our tests provide quantitative data that our engineers use to evaluate package integrity and performance. By simulating real-world situations that your packages will go through, we can provide you with data backed recommendations to reduce damages rates and costs.

Our equipment includes a drop tester, a shear tester, an incline impact tester, load containment tools for stretch film, a compression tester, and climate chambers. All tests follow ISTA and ASTM standards.

Shock Testing

High packaging material costs? Shock testing data can be used to identify appropriate protection levels and reduce packaging costs.

An Incline Impact Tester tests the strength of unitized loads by simulating the handling of a rail car, sudden breaking, and pallet marshalling.

A Drop Tester is used to evaluate the capability of a container to withstand the sudden shock resulting from a free fall while keeping its contents damage-free.

Packaging Test LabPackaging Test LabPackaging Test Lab

Compression Testing

Damage complaints due to crushed containers? Compression testing identifies strength vulnerabilities of the packaging, leading to stronger, more effective packaging solutions.

Our equipment simulates the stacking of unitized loads during storage and shipment to make sure the packaging is able withstand various compression forces.

Common Distribution Testing

As most industrial products encounter a forklift at some point during distribution, it's important to know the product will remain intact during rough handling

A common distribution test will simulate forklift handling with rotational flat, edge, and corner drops as well as the ISTA forklift handling road course.

Forklift Testing Packaging LabForklift Testing Packaging LabForklift Testing Packaging Lab

Climatic/Environmental Conditioning and Testing

Climatic testing determines if the package and product can withstand temperature changes, humidity and other known environmental factors in the product's distribution environment.

Our Humidity Chamber tests and conditions a package by exposing it to controlled temperatures and humidity, replicating the conditions that the package is expected to survive during storage and transportation.

A freezer is used typically on rigid plastics to evaluate the material's low temperature impact strength.

Water Vapor Transmission Rate Testing

WVTR testing determines the water vapor transmission rate of permeable and semipermeable materials.

Our WVTR tester will help you determine the right material if the optimal passage of water through your paper, films, fiberboards, etc. is of importance to you.

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