P710 Samuel Arch Strapping Machine


This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and replaced by the Samuel P702RS Tabletop Banding Machine.

This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and replaced by the Samuel P702RS Tabletop Banding Machine.

The Samuel P710 arch strapping machine offers a unique combination of performance and affordability. The design of this model, plus every other arch strapping machine that we sell, has operator friendly controls. The new "self-correcting" re-feed system can resolve mis-feeds quickly without operator help. This allows your production to keep moving without any interruptions. Eliminating down time is something we focus on!

The P710 features a compact sealing head with fewer moving parts. It also has an electronic tension control system with a direct drive tensioning wheel, designed to make the machine one of the most robust in its class, reducing maintenance time and keeping your productivity high. We do offer a full line of samuel strapping machine parts to keep your machine up and running.

If your operation does not need a large arch strapper, please feel free to check out our table top banding equipment that offer portability and less initial expense. These machines, plus many more, can be seen in our full strapping equipment department.

We often find that the most commonly ordered items with this machine, are our edge protectors and strapping protectors. Nobody likes receiving a damaged box!


Save on Your Strapping

You can save 10% on strapping when you purchase it along with a machine like the one you see here. You'll instantly save 10% off of the strapping when you add both to the cart. You can also give one of our packaging specialists a call today to place that order, or see if you can sign a strapping agreement and lock in that 10% off price for 1 full year!


Will Your Package Fit?

  • Minimum Package Size: 3.5" W x 3.5" H
  • Maximum Package Size: Arch Width x Arch Height
  • Maximum Package Weight: 80 lbs


  • Capable of 40 strap cycles per minute.
  • 110V Single phase power supply.
  • Large variety of standard arch sizes (choose above).
  • Converts between 1/2" and 3/8" strap sizes without parts.
  • Easy loading external dispenser mount.
  • Auto feed retry corrects misfeeds and reduces downtime.
  • Electronic tension (6 to 150 ft/lb.
  • Palm switch and table ball switch.
Manufacturer Samuel
Brand Samuel
Manufacturer SKU P710N
Rocket Part Number 103632
Best Seller No
Color Red
Warranty 1 year
Strapping Width Accepted Accepts 1/4" - 1/2" width machine grade strapping
Tension Control Electronic tension (6 to 150 ft/lb)
Tension Range Electronic tension (6 to 150 ft/lb)
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