Octopus Orbital Stretch Wrapper

  • Up to 120 Loads Per Hour
  • 48" x 50" Max Load Size
  • Max Load Capacity Limited to Conveyor Size
  • 80" Stretch Wrap Height
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The Fastest Orbital Stretch Wrapper Available!

The Octopus Orbital Stretch Wrapper is the fastest and most durable orbital wrapper on the market today. With heavy duty construction and a proven track record of excellence with over 2000 in operation today doing up to 120 loads an hour, the Octopus 808 Orbital Wrapper is one of our top of the line Stretch Wrappers.

  • Improve your load containment,
  • Reduce film usage by up to 20%
  • Save money with the most versatile and advanced wrapping system in the world.


The Octopus 808 can be programmed with nearly unlimited wrap patterns stopping at ANY height on the load, giving you unmatched levels of performance in speed, reliability and versatility. The 808 also does NOT spin the load, which reduces unnecessary inertia and wear, giving you more up time to get your job done.

ITW Muller's new patented strain gauge technology gives you the ULTIMATE in pre-stretch capabilities and film control. This gives you the power to use less film while maintaining a professional and secure load.

The ITW orbital 808 installs over an existing conveyor system or is available with an optional ITW Muller conveyor graded for supporting up to 4800 pound loads.

The 808 orbital wrapper has a unique end of cycle system that uses a heat seal process to attach the trailing edge of the Machine Stretch Wrap to the pallet. This seal stands up to long term storage and is graded for vigorous handling and transportation. It even works with both cling and non cling film to ensure a clean and functional wrap, every time!

Save on Your Stretch Film

Don't forget about our stretch wrap savings when you purchase it along with a machine. You'll instantly save 10% off of stretch film (see savings in the cart). Give one of our packaging specialists a call today to sign a stretch film agreement to guarantee that 10% off price for 1 full year!

Octopus Orbital Stretch Wrapper Load Requirements:
  • Max Load Size: 48" W x 50" L x 80" H (69" diameter)
  • Min Load Size: 36" x 36" x 28" H (film clamp justified)
  • Max Load Weight: 4,800 pounds (w/ITW Muller conveyor)
Octopus Orbital Stretch Wrapper Features:
  • CSA approved electrical enclosure
  • Touch Screen Operator Interface
  • Designed for 24/7 operation
  • Fastest throughput in the industry with up to 120 loads per hour
Octopus Orbital Stretch Wrapper Power Requirements:
  • Voltage 480 VAC, 3 phase, 30 amps
  • Pneumatic 80 psi, 3 CFM (clean, dry air)
Octopus Orbital Stretch Wrapper Specifications:
  • Up to 120 loads per hour
  • Up to 300% pre-stretch with strain gauge delivery control
  • Fastest throughput in the industry with up to 120 loads per hour
  • Standard Allen Bradley PLC
  • Includes 7' tall surrounding fence for safety
  • 20" max stretch wrap roll width x 10" diameter
Manufacturer ITW Muller
Brand ITW Muller
Manufacturer SKU OCT-808
Best Seller No
Maximum Load Dimensions 48" x 50"
Maximum Load Per Hour 120
Maximum Stretch Wrap Height 80"
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