12" Foot Operated Impulse Plastic Bag Sealer

  • 12" x 1/16th seal area
  • Foot pedal operation
  • Industrial workload sealer
  • 12" impulse sealer service kit available
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Our 12" no mess foot operated heat sealer is a poly bag and tubing closer that helps you create an air tight seal. This foot operated heat sealer can be found in our heat sealers department, where you'll find a ton of options that can increase your efficiency for high volume applications. Setting up this heat sealer is super easy! All you have to do is establish the area you wish to use it, plug the sealer in with the standard 110v power cord, and the machine is operational within seconds.

To use this bag sealer, place the end of a 6 MIL or less poly bag on the bottom of the clamp and step on the foot pedal. Doing so will bring the top of the clamp down, using a heat sealing tape that coats the internal heat wire to safely melt and seal your poly bags. A variable control timer helps to speed up your efficiency.

If you are a lower volume user or do not need the convenience of a foot pedal, you can see our other standard impulse heat sealers online that work just as well. We also have a 12 inch heat sealing repair kit available for regular maintenance of this machine, which includes new wires and other parts.

No Mess Tubing Closer Features:
  • Adjustable timer
  • Seals up to 6 Mil poly
  • Foot operated sealing clamp
Manufacturer BOX
Brand BOX
Manufacturer SKU SPBF12
Rocket Part Number 124777
Cutting Knife No
Operation Type Foot Operated
Seal Bar Length 12"
Maximum Film Thickness 6 Mil
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