Martor Retractable Pen Knife - Sold Individually

  • Works like a retractable ball point pen
  • Commercial artwork cutting knife
  • Blunt tip blade for safety
  • Buy 10+ knives, get 1 free
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The Martor green pen knife works just like a ball-point pen. You press the button at the top of the pen and the blade comes out the bottom. Since the MR 100 safety knife can be guided just as accurately as a pen, it is suitable for all delicate and sophisticated cutting and trimming work. Great for cutting through paper, foil or textiles. Similarly, you can sink the blade back into the handle by pressing the button. It cannot get easier than this!

*Please Note: This pen knife formerly had a part # of MAR-490-00.

For more safety cutting options, please take a look at our full line of utility knives.


  • Works like a retractable ball point pen.
  • Great for cutting and trimming commercial artwork.
  • Blunt tip blade for safety.
  • Easy tool free blade change.
Manufacturer Martor
Brand Martor
Manufacturer SKU MR-100
Rocket Part Number 142452
Rocket Part Number (RP#) 130723
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