Fox FPS 400LPA Low Profile Portable Automatic Stretch Wrapper

  • Air powered automatic stretch wrapper
  • Up to 30 loads per hour
  • 55" W x 55" L max load size
  • 5000 lbs. max load capacity
  • 90" max load height
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This automatic shrink wrapper is called the Fox FPS 400LPA, and its claim to fame is its patent pending automatic clamp, cut and wipe technology. This system is what helps to make it a fully automatic wrapper, meaning your employees don't have to leave the forklift while wrapping a skid and/or pallet. It even comes with a remote control to start & stop the pallet mid wrap for emergencies. The clamp, cut and wipe technology is run pneumatically and has the power to clamp your machine grade stretch wrap film after the load is done wrapping, cut the wrap and then wipe down the load to make sure the last little bit of wrap doesn't unravel. Pre-stretch also comes standard with this unit, meaning that it will stretch your film to 200% of its original form, yielding twice as much stretch wrap!


  • Fully automated machine can clamp, cut & wipe the film without the use of heat or electricity.
  • Mechanical cut eliminates heating elements and secures film to load without a hanging film tail.
  • Comes standard with pre-stretch set to 200% (can be set to 50-250% at time of ordering).
  • Remote control start / emergency stop (*subject to local safety regulations).
  • Film carriage & turntable have variable speed settings.
  • LCD display screen provides function control viewing.
  • Heavy Duty #60 Chain and sprocket drive system.
  • Triple beam color recognition photo-eye.

If the fully automatic version of this machine is too much for you, we also have its little brother the FPS 400L semi-auto stretch wrapper available.

A low profile machine (like this one), has a pretty low deck (only 3" tall), and can be used with a forklift or a pallet jack (as long as you have a ramp for the small incline). We also off this machine in a high profile model. Both of these machine, plus many more can be found in stretch wrappers department.

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Packaged Weight (lbs) 2400
Operating Weight 2200
Manufacturer FOX
Brand FOX
Manufacturer SKU FPS-400LPA
Warranty 5 years on workmanship & 3 years on parts
Color Blue / Orange
Operation Type Automatic - No Operator
Loads Per Hour 1-30 loads per hour
Maximum Load Dimensions 55" x 55"
Pre-Stretch Setting Standard 200%
Maximum Load Per Hour 30
Maximum Wrap Height 90"
Turntable Weight Capacity 5,000 lbs
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