Kubinec Manual Handheld Tension Bar

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  • Economical tightening tool
  • Gives tension to all sizes of woven polyester strapping
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This Kubinec handheld tension bar is used to manually apply tension to woven polyester strapping. Tension can be applied easily with a push and pull action after the strap has been threaded through the tool. Made from super strong metal, this Kubinec tool is virtually indestructible!

This manual woven strap tool does not have a cutter attached to it, so you will need a utility knife like the EZ Strap safety cutter to cut the excess strap away.

If you need a tool that does it all, take a look at our heavy duty tension device that can tension and cut your orange strap. We also have a full selection of other woven strapping tools available for you to look at.

Manufacturer Kubinec
Brand Kubinec
Manufacturer SKU MT-1
Rocket Part Number 111941
Color Orange
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