16" Interpack Infeed Pack & Exit Table

  • Roller style table for Interpack case sealers
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This Interpack infeed pack and exit table is a standard packing, entry, and exit table engineered specifically for Interpack branded machines. It's compatible with the following models:

  • USA 20-B
  • USA 2024-SB
  • USA 2324-TB
  • USA 2324-BB
  • UA 262024-SB
  • RSA 2024-SB
  • RSA 2625-TB

This 16" long table helps save space by doubling sealing stations as packing stations. This entry/exit table also helps stabilize boxes before being put through the sealing process, which helps to ensure a properly taped box every time. When used as an exit table, this option will keep the boxes from falling to the floor or help move them along to an attached conveyor system.

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Manufacturer IPG
Brand Interpack
Manufacturer SKU UM894T
Rocket Part Number 113146
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