Interpack Case Sealer 3-Flap Folder (#UM869)

  • For use with Interpack case sealers
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The Interpack 3-flap folder is a perfect addition for Interpack case sealers. It's compatible with following models:

  • USA 2024-SB
  • USA 3036-SB
  • USC 2020-SB
  • USC 2020-TB

This time-saving option is an immense help when putting boxes through a case sealer. The bars on this 3-flap folder will pull in and push down the forward minor and side majors on top of the box while you hold the rear minor down. This is a simple and effective optional add-on for case sealers.

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Manufacturer IPG
Brand Interpack
Manufacturer SKU UM869
Rocket Part Number 110311
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