Cheese Packaging

Dairy packaging requires special care and attention to the product's packaging needs. Rocket Industrial has remained a leader in dairy packaging for years by offering innovative packaging solutions to maximize efficiencies and protect your products. We know that safety and quality are top priorities of the dairy industry, and we make sure it is our focus too.

With a variety of cost-effective and sustainable solutions, our food packaging specialists can take on the most demanding challenges. From custom retail pouch designs to rigid plastic containers, our packaging solutions assure your products stay fresh and safe.

Bulk Cheese Packaging

The United States produces about a billion pounds of cheese every month. This accounts for 29% of the world's total production of cheese.

Supporting the master craft of making cheese in this industry, Rocket Industrial has you covered from 40# block liners up to 640# block liners. We specialize in developing custom sizes and formulations to work with automated, tower, and hand-loaded applications.

Our goal is to deliver a bulk package that will:

  • Optimize your shelf life to allow your cheese to develop its natural taste
  • Increase your barrier protection to resist punctures and abrasions
  • Seal through wrinkles and folds
  • Allow excellent clarity for visual inspection
Cheese Processing EquipmentCheese Processing EquipmentCheese Processing Equipment
Cheese Processing EquipmentCheese Processing EquipmentCheese Processing Equipment

Cut & Wrap Packaging

With the changing dynamics of cheese consumers, keeping up with the value creation spectrum is difficult, but we are here to help.

We source traditional pouches, shrink bags, interleave paper , vertical and horizontal form fill seal films, and roll stock to provide the best solution for your product.  From design, production, and logistics platforms, we support new trends in snack packaging and other "on the shelf" innovations to ensure that your product stands out from the competition.

Wrapped Cheese SlicesWrapped Cheese SlicesWrapped Cheese Slices

Whey Bulk & Finished Product Packaging

Whey protein is the second most abundant protein derived from milk. It is found mainly in meal-replacement powders, protein powders, and ready-to-drink beverages.

The packaging of this power food goes well beyond the bulk multi-wall bag. Rocket Industrial is in tune with the necessary form and function to bring you the right 'whey' to package this superfood.

Wrapped Cheese BlocksWrapped Cheese BlocksWrapped Cheese Blocks

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