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Pallet Diagonal Measurement Calculator

Determining a pallet's diagonal length for a stretch wrapper.

Each stretch wrapper has a different sized turntable. It is important to make sure the pallets you intend to wrap fit on the turntable and have enough clearance room to rotate effectively. The load diagonal is a critical measurement of a pallet load across the diagonally opposite corners.

The equation for determining the load diagonal of a pallet is the square root of the pallet length squared plus the pallet width squared, but luckily we have created this handy pallet diagonal measurement calculator below for you to easily determine how large of a turntable will be required for a pallet load.

Pallet Diagonal Calculator
Enter pallet width (in.)
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Pallet diagonal (in.)
Pallet Diagonal DiagramPallet Diagonal DiagramPallet Diagonal Diagram
Increase Efficiencies

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