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Loveshaw Microjet Printer Repair Tips

Rocket Industrial is an authorized Loveshaw repair facility for Loveshaw microjet printers as a low cost alternative to the flat rate factory repair cost. Our factory trained service technicians will evaluate the operating condition of your printer, replace harden ink lines, flush and condition the valves, test and adjust for optimum print quality, for less than the factory flat rate price.

Sometimes sending your printer in for repair is not always the answer. It is possible that one of our helpful suggestions below may introduce a fix to your stalled microjet printer without the cost of shipping and repair!

Daily Procedures(ensures maximum efficiency and operability with your printer):
Wipe the nozzle plate with a soft, lint free cloth that has been wetted with a glass cleaner or plain water. Use this to also wipe the photo eye to keep it clean. Inspect the nozzle plate for any ink seepage after you wipe it clean; if you notice ink forming on the plate, this could indicate a failing valve or dirt build up in the line that will eventually cause a printing quality issue. If left unrepaired, it will cause a more expensive repair down the road.

  • Unlocking the printer:
    To make any adjustment to the Micro Jet you must first "unlock" it by entering the code 5863434. Once it is unlocked, a list of subdirectories are accessible from the menu key.

  • SLAM Feature:
    The Slam feature was built into the software to clear a corruption that may be caused by dirty power of power surges. With the unit turned OFF, press and hold the #6 button while turning on the power, release the #6 button and press it 2 more times (666). Then spell out SLAM on the keyboard, this will reset all settings to the factory setting and you will have to reprogram your messages, date and time etc.(Repeat 2-3 times if necessary).

  • Adjusting individual valves (for most models):
    Press the "Menu" key for a list of directories, keep pressing the Menu key until "Valves" appears, press the corresponding #. This will walk you through each valve one at a time, showing you the current power setting for each valve. If you have one that has "Weak Print", when that # valve appears, increase the power setting for that valve by pressing A # (2 - 3 etc.), then press "Enter"

  • Overall DOT SIZE adjustment: Unlock the machine, press the DOT SIZE button, it will display a numerical value for the overall dot size, note what this number is, increase that number by an increment of 25 and test your print. (If the number was 250 type in 275 and press enter). **Some old software ranges from 1-68, new software ranges from 1-1988, please adjust accordingly.

  • Purging: To purge your printer locate the RED button, (old style units, open the top cover, new style units requires the removal of 2 screws located at the nose end of the machine, lift lid and locate button just under the hinge, pressing this button will cause all of the valves to fire at one time (be sure to place a bottle or rag in front of the valves to capture the ink spray) you want to ensure you have a nice straight line of ink for at least 1-1.5 inches in front of the printer. If the spray is splintered or spraying off to the side, or if you have 2 lines of spray merging into one line, this is an indication of dirt in the line or nozzle plate. To cure this, back flush the nozzle plate and nozzle plate tubing.