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Mailroom Bundling Specifications

USPS Guide to Mailroom Bundling and Strapping.If you have more questions on the USPS Mailroom Bundling & Strapping Guidelines, please call us at 1-800-826-4405!

We have received this information directly from the USPS office of Bulk Mailing. RocketIndustrial.com had the chance to go down and tour a local plant and look at their equipment to see the operation. After reading this short summary, if you have any questions that this does not answer, please feel free to Contact Us .

DMM 707.19.4 Securing Bundles
Bundles must withstand normal transit and handling without breaking and without causing injury to USPS employees or damage to USPS equipment. Mailers must meet the following standards when preparing and securing bundles:

Secure bundles with banding, shrink wrap, or shrink wrap supplemented with one or more bands. Banding includes plastic bands, rubber bands, twine, string, and similar material. Mailers must meet the following standards when banding bundles:

  1. Do not place any bands closer than 1 inch from any bundle edge.
  2. When using twine or string to band bundles, secure the knot(s) so the twine or string does not come loose during transit and processing.
  3. Do not use wire or metal banding.
  4. Do not use any loose banding.

When using only banding to secure bundles, apply banding under the following additional requirements:

  1. Use at least one band to encircle the length of the bundle and use at least one band to encircle the girth of the bundle.
  2. Use tension sufficient to tighten and depress the edges of the bundle so that pieces do not slip out of the banding during transit and processing

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Samuel P701 Arch Banding Machine

Print & Mailroom Bundling Machine
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Machine Grade Polypropylene Strapping

This is the postal approved strapping that you will need to run on your industrial mailroom bundling machine.

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