Get the Right Case Sealer for the Right Job at Rocket Industrial

Case Sealer Selector

Choosing the Right Case Sealer

Case Sealer (also known as box and case tapers) are a great way to increase your overall efficiency and package output. Use our case sealer selector tool below to get a better idea of just what type of machine will work for you.

Four Different Types of Case Sealers

Uniform IconUniform IconUniform Icon

Uniform Sealers

Good for sealing large runs of the same size box.

  • Operator Required
Random IconRandom IconRandom Icon

Random Sealers

Best for processing boxes at all different sizes
with automatic adjustment.

  • Operator Required
Automatic IconAutomatic IconAutomatic Icon

Folding and Erecting

These machines fold the majors and minors of a box,
they do not seal or tape. Some can be attached to case sealers.

  • Operator Required
Erect IconErect IconErect Icon

Automatic Sealers

Highly efficient machines that automatically
seal a box from a packing line.

  • No Operator Required

An Experienced and Trained Team

If you are having trouble finding the right sealer for your business or you have a customer and specific need for your business, please don't hesitate to Contact Us! Our trained and experienced case sealer team is here to help you get the most out of your purchase!