Hurricane Carriage Upgrade

  • Hurricane Carriage Upgrade is an option for:
    • Pallet Stretch Wrap Machine
    • Fox C4 Pallet Stretch Wrap Machine
    • Automatic High Profile Pallet Wrapping Machine
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The hurricane carriage upgrade from FOX Packaging Stretch Wrappers is a pre stretch capable film carriage that can be added onto any one of the stretch wrappers above. This upgraded 'Hurricane' carriage for FOX wrappers boasts tech easiest way to thread film while staying safe and preventing slippage of the film during pre-stretch. As all of our FOX Options for Stretch Wrappers are specific to FOX machines, they will not work with any other stretch wrappers we have other than FOX.

Hurricane Carriage Upgrade summary:

  • Quick and easy load pre-stretch carriage
Manufacturer FOX
Brand FOX
Manufacturer SKU HURRICANE
Best Seller No
Color Red
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