How to Load a Packing Tape Dispenser

Hand packing tape dispensers are a simple and effective method for applying packaging tape to cartons and boxes for shipping, packing or moving. Using and reloading the tape dispenser should be quick and easy, simply follow the steps below.


1. Align the roll of packaging tape so that it unwinds counter-clockwise over the dispenser reel.

2. Pull the front tab of the tape roll through the slot between the dispenser roller and shield. Some packing tape dispensers have a shield that slides down to allow for the tape. The sticky side of the tape should face down.

3. Pull the tape up across the tape blade, being careful not to cut yourself on the tape blade.

4. To test the dispenser, pull a small amount of tape out and cut the tape with the blade.

5. Adjust the tensioner on the dispenser (in the center of the tape roll holder) to set a smooth and comfortable unwind mechanic.