High Speed Kit for LDU, LDR

Compatible with:
  • Legend Series Uniform Case Sealer
  • Legend Series Random Case Sealer
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This new High Speed Kit for the Legend Series Uniform Case Sealer or Legend Series Random Case Sealer is just the option you need to send your production schedule to the next level. This high speed kit installs simply enough and allows your case to sealer to run up to 100 feet per minute, increasing your output and taking your production speed to the next level.

Take a look at our High Speed Savings Chart listed below for our optional 3 inch version, and a breakdown of just how much you can actually save!

Loveshaw's new high speed kit comes standard with the following:

  • 1x SPK-0018 Sprocket
  • 2x .CAC60 Tape Cartridge

This includes 2 new .CAC60 Tape Cartridges from Loveshaw, which have new plastic tape core that expands and retracts for all tape sizes, has a tension bar for constant tension on the tape roll (this eliminates the need to adjust the tension roller), locking knife guard, and easy swap in and out guide rollers.

Manufacturer Loveshaw
Brand Little David
Manufacturer SKU .HSPDKIT-LDU
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