Heavy Duty Strap Tensioning Tool

  • Helps tension rounded loads
  • Works for 3/8" - 3/4" Woven Polyester Strapping
  • Tightens and cuts the strap
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The heavy duty strap tensioning tool works on Woven Polyester Strapping widths of 3/8" to 3/4" while ratcheting and providing tension to the strap. This tool makes bundling up a round or irregular load easy and slip-free. The technology of the round bundling tool allows it to push on the buckle for maximum tension, thus eliminating the need for a gripping foot or edge!

Use with our Strapping Buckles for a complete strapping operation.

If this tool isn't what you need or you want something different, see our complete selection of Woven Strapping Tools.

Manufacturer Kubinec
Brand Kubinec
Manufacturer SKU KS700
Rocket Part Number 113330
Color Green
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