8 Impulse Plastic Bag Sealer w/ Cutter

  • 8" Sealing Bar
  • Seals poly tubing, bags
  • Cutter removes excess plastic
  • 8" impulse sealer service kit available
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This heat seal and cut machine has an 8" sealing bar with a built in cutting tool. Simply insert your 6 mil or less poly bags into the sealing area and pull the clamp down. The internal wire will heat up, causing the plastic to melt together and create a water tight seal. After the seal is made, you can slide the attached cutter across to cut off any excess plastic for a clean and professional looking bag.

There is no cleanup with this heat seal and cutting machine as a coat of brown PTFE heat sealing tape is located on each clamp, which prevents the newly sealed bag from sticking to the machine and causing an unsightly mess. For higher volume users, we have a ton of different options available in our impulse heat sealers department.

We also have a 8" heat seal service kit available to replace worn out wires, PTFE coated strips, and cutting blades.

Heat Seal and Cut Machine Features:
  • Adjustable timer
  • Seals up to 6 Mil poly
  • Arm clamp for easy use
  • Cutting knife
Manufacturer BOX
Brand BOX
Manufacturer SKU SPBC8
Rocket Part Number 109629
Cutting Knife Yes
Operation Type Tabletop
Seal Bar Length 8"
Maximum Film Thickness 6 Mil
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