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Products for Every Step of Your Process 

Rocket Industrial has the key packaging supplies to make your facility tick. Count on our industry specialists to recommend the right mix of products for your specific need.

Melting Iron, Core Making, Pouring Iron, Molding, Shakeout, Cleaning, Finishing and Crating/Shipping.

  • VCI Solutions
  • Impregnated VCI Poly Bags
  • Impregnated Cartons
  • Sheeting • Primers, Cutting Oils, & other Compounds

Applications & Implementation

Large casting stations require lists of products to back them up. Rocket Industrial offers Vendor Managed Inventory to ensure you never run out of your critical products.

  • Adhesive Compounds
  • Sand Muller Liners
  • Casting & Pallet Housings
  • Deck Pads
  • Foam & Hex-comb Housing Solutions
  • Personal Protection Equipment
  • Heavy Duty Strapping Tools
  • Orbital Stretch Wrappers 

How Preventative Maintenance Saves You Time and Money

Adhering to a preventative maintenance plan is the number one recommendation to improve the lifespan of your packaging equipment. By routinely cleaning and inspecting your equipment, replacing wear components, as well as making sure high wear parts are in stock, and making sure equipment is properly lubricated, you can prevent the issues before they occur. Read Blog

Adhesive EquipmentAdhesive EquipmentAdhesive Equipment

Glue Diligence – Upgrading Your Adhesive Equipment

Outdated adhesive equipment can lead to downtime and missed production goals. Long heat times and plugging are common issues that arise over time. Charring is the biggest problem with hot melt application systems and often leads to nozzle plugging. Read Blog

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