Dual Low Profile Turntable Option

  • Dual Low Profile Turntables are an option for:
    • Cousins LP-SW Stretch Wrapper (LP-SW)
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Increase efficiency and throughput with dual turntable option for your Cousins stretch wrapper. This option would be added to your stretch wrapper and does not include the tower pictured above.

Cousins Packaging also offers a dual turntable system for their low profile semi-automatic machines. As a little brother to the Dual High Profile Turntable, these low profile dual turntables are used in the same general manner to increase your overall productivity. You can load both turntables and the wrapper will wrap each one consecutively. This allows for one load to be wrapped while another is being replaced on the other turntable, thus increasing you're efficiency! This option is compatible only with our Cousins LP-SW Stretch Wrapper and since this option is part of our selection of Cousins Options for Stretch Wrappers, it will not work with other Stretch Wrappers we have, so be sure to call us if you have any questions.

Dual Low Profile Turntables details:

  • Adds another turntable to your machine
  • Option number LP-SW-DT
  • Allows for more wraps per day
  • Increase productivity with two turntables
Manufacturer Cousins
Brand Cousins
Manufacturer SKU LP-SW-DT
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