Damark Shrink Wrap Machine Packaging System

  • Heat Sealer Tunnel Combo
  • 16" x 20" Shrink Wrap Area
  • 20" Shrink Wrap Film Capacity
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This Damark shrink wrapper packaging system was designed for stable products such as boxes, brochures, or flat products with a 4" or greater length or diameter. It can also be used for unstable products such as bottles or products that are 4" or less in length or diameter. The Damark Shrink Wrapper Packaging System includes some features as standard equipment; electro-magnetic hold down and air cylinder return for smooth operation of the sealing bar.

The Shrink Tunnel is included and features a proportional temperature controller guaranteeing a maximum temperature variation of no more than 2 degrees in the shrink chamber, making this a all in one shrink wrap system.

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  • Twin magnets: less operator fatigue, more consistent seals
  • Counterbalanced sealing head with automatic air cushion return
  • Easily adjusted film cradle
  • Engineered for "blind assembly" installation
  • Film clamps: more consistent seals, less rejects
  • Unique seal area raise/lower mechanism
  • Micro-processor controlled, low voltage, impulse sealing system
  • Conveniently located control panel
  • Heavy duty welded steel tubular construction
  • Comes complete with heated hole punch
  • Built-in storage shelf for additional rolls of film

Will your product fit?

  • Width + Height = Front Seal Dimension
    (This should be less than 14" even though the width of the seal chamber is 16" wide)
  • Length + Height = Cross Seal Dimension
    (This should be less than 18" even though the length of the seal chamber is 20" long)
Manufacturer Damark
Brand Damark
Manufacturer SKU LS-1
Conveyor Type Gravity Discharge
Maximum Film Width 20"
Sealing Area 16" x 20" Sealing Area
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