Contract Packaging and Fulfillment


It's estimated that over $600 billion dollars worth of product will be sold online in 2015.

It will be up to the ecommerce companies and contract packagers to deliver.

Ecommerce Fulfillment

Shipping orders to the end user has become big business with a high value put on a quick turnaround. One day you could be shipping a box filled with chemicals, and the next you could be shipping a skid full of monitors.

Rocket Industrial can help you design the right array of products to help you bundle, package, and protect your shipments.

Case Study

Learn how bubble on demand has changed the way a contract packager protects packages plus hundreds of other instances Rocket Industrial has helped its clients.

Contract Packaging and Fulfillment

Contract packagers handle a wide array of packaging solutions and have become an extension of their customers. As a contract packager you could be blister sealing, shrink wrapping, cartoning, and even assembling a point of sale display, all in the same day.

Your business needs to be on the cutting edge of technology and best packaging practices for optimal speed and efficiency. Put Rocket Industrial’s 50-plus years of packaging experience to work for you.

Delivering Results

Upgrade to Loveshaw’s LDX-RTB semi-automatic case sealer for random box sizes that is designed to seal cases at speeds 40% faster than the competition.

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