Clysar EVO Recyclable Shrink Film

  • 45, 60, or 75 gauge 
  • Available flat or folded
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Clysar EVO film is a recyclable polyolefin shrink film that is approved for the How2Recycle® Store Drop-Off label. This sustainable shrink wrap is exceptionally clear, is tear-resistant, and provides strong seals. Ideal for packaging a wide range of retail products including products with irregular shapes and voids, bundling, multi-packs, and shipping stabilization.


  • Prequalified for fast-track recycling label approval
  • 45, 60, and 75 gauge options
  • Available flat or folded 
  • Can be pre-perforated in a standard pattern
  • Requires little or no cooling dwell time
  • FDA approved for food contact

*In order to use the Store Drop-Off label on your EVO shrink package, you will need to contact How2Recycle directly and complete the How2Recycle label request form.

Manufacturer Clysar
Brand Clysar
Manufacturer SKU EVO
Eco-Friendly Yes
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