Automatic Box Top Closer (#.TSA16A) for Loveshaw Case Sealers

  • Compatible with Loveshaw LD3, LD-7, LD15, LD16A & LD19 case sealers
  • OEM replacement part
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This automatic box top closer (#.TSA16A) option provides added stability and closure to overstuffed boxes when being taped and processed through case sealers. It's compatible with the Loveshaw LD3, LD-7, LD15, LD16A, and LD19 case sealing machines. The manually adjusted rollers provide additional stability by applying extra pressure to the top of the box during the taping process. This eliminates the gap in the top of the box, which is commonly found in overstuffed boxes, for more efficient tape application.

The top squeezers also help to keep carton integrity, especially on cartons that are misshapen or improperly cut. The added pressure from these rollers provides a tighter closure of the top flaps.

These Loveshaw top squeezers are one of our many Loveshaw parts and options and can be purchased with the machine or added later. Purchasing both at the same time can help you save money by reducing your overall shipping charges.

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Manufacturer Loveshaw
Brand Little David
Manufacturer SKU .TSA16A
Rocket Part Number 108984
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