Box Form Squeezers, LD3SB

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  • LD3SB Case Sealing Machine
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This optional feature for the LD3SB Case Sealing Machine adds extra pressure to over filled boxes to ensure the taping process provides an adequate seal. This eliminates the gap in the top of the box which is commonly found in over stuffed boxes. Without this option, over stuffed boxes may not be sealed properly and can be easily pilfered by anyone.

Box form rollers also allow you to use those slightly deformed or mis-cut boxes that have flaps which do not exactly measure up for an even closure. These boxes become usable with the squeezers that apply added pressure to the top of the carton, creating a better seal for the best possible closure of the top box flaps.

These Loveshaw Top Squeezers are one of our many Loveshaw Parts & Options and can be purchased with the machine or at a later time. Purchasing both at the same time can help you save money by reducing your overall shipping charges

Manufacturer Loveshaw
Brand Loveshaw
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